Wednesday, January 29, 2014

        More like sleet/ice day.  Where I live in Louisiana we don't get this. Everything is frozen. A lot of roads and bridges closed. Businesses and schools shut down. I know this is nothing like what a lot of other people are getting right now but I am so glad I don't live in those places. I do not like the cold weather at all. I am so ready for spring. I want to start seeing green. Tired of all of this dead stuff. Here are some pictures I took of our sleet/ice day


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  1. I love your blog look so pretty hugs

  2. Your area looks like our area did (and still does). Brrrr...we're not used to this either. You're not equipped to deal with it out on the roads as our Northern & Midwestern states are. Hope you thaw out soon, and stay warm! TFS & Hugs.

  3. We have 6ft snow banks, so this looks like a frosty spring day to me ;)
    Keep warm…I hate the cold as well :(

  4. Tracey I have seen pictures of other places that had lots of snow and I am so glad I don't live there. We can't handle it we couldn't even handle what we had The whole city shut down.